Live Essentials vinyl box set


Limited edition box-set from 2010

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As anyone lucky enough to have seen this band live can attest to, CockSParrer's live show is an honest representation of everything they have ever claimed to be and more. This package highlights decade upon decade of their live performances... and does so in style. Housed in this deluxe casewrapped slipcase with a three step lenticular print of the band on the back, the set includes three Double LPs, a regular LP, a rectangular Picture Disc, two silkscreened 10"'s and more... All on 180gram heavyweight RED vinyl. Lots of previously unreleased material, including the vinyl and DVD of 2009's Pirates Press Anniversary Party set at The Great American Music Hall. This should be a must for any Sparrer fan or collector.

This package is strictly limited to 350 pieces.

•"Live-N-Loud" 12" - 180gram Red Vinyl + Bonus Double Sided Tour Poster!!
•"Run Away" Silkscreened Red 10" in Printed PVC Sleeve
•"LIVE 1994" Silkscreened White 10" in Printed PVC Sleeve
•"SF2000" Rectangular Picture Disc in PVC Sleeve
•"Back Home" - Double LP - 180gram Red Vinyl
•"Runnin' Riot USA" - Double LP in Gatefold - 180gram Red Vinyl
•"Back In SF" - Double LP in Gatefold with DVD & Limited Edition Screenprint - 180gram Red Vinyl - Includes a HUGE poster with all the band and fans' photobooth pictures taken at the show!!

 Live And Loud LP
A1Riot Squad
A2Watch Your Back
A3I Got Your Number
A4Take Em All
A5We Love You
A7Argy Bargy
B1Where Are They Now?
B2White Riot
B3Running Riot
B4The Sun Says
B5Secret Army
B6England Belongs To Me
B7Chip On My Shoulder
 Run Away 10"
A1Run Away Johnny
A2Why Can't You See
A3Sunday Stripper (New Version)
 Live 1994 10"
A1Secret Army
A2Because You're Young
A3Chip On Your Shoulder
A4We're Coming Back
 S.F. 2000 7"
A2Don't Blame Us
B1Where Are They Now?
B2England Belongs To Me
 Back Home 2xLP
A1Riot Squad
A2Watch Your Back
A4Teenage Heart
A5What's It Like To Be Old?
B1Get A Rope
B2Argy Bargy
B3Run Away Johnny
B4Tough Guys
B5Take 'Em All
C1Don't Blame Us
C2I Got Your Number
C3Because You're Young
C4Secret Army
C5Where Are They Now?
D1Runnin' Riot
D2Sunday Stripper
D3Chip On My Shoulder
D4White Riot
D5England Belongs To Me
 Runnin' Riot Across The U.S.A. 2xLP
A1Riot Squad
A2Watch Your Back
A4Teenage Heart
A5Argy Bargy
B1Runaway Johnny
B2Take 'Em All
B4I Got Your Number
B5Because You're Young
C1We Love You
C2Secret Army
C3Where Are They Now?
C4Runnin' Riot
C5Sunday Stripper
D1Chip On My Shoulder
D2England Belongs To Me
D3We're Coming Back
D4England Belongs To Me (Reprise)
 Back In San Francisco 2xLP
A2Riot Squad
A3Watch Your Back
A6What's It Like To Be Old?
B1Teenage Heart
B2Spirit Of '76
B3Tough Guys
B4Get A Rope
B5Argy Bargy
B6So Many Things
C1Runnin' Riot
C2Chip On My Shoulder
C3I Got Your Number
C4Suicide Girls
C5Because You're Young
C6Take Em All
D1Where Are They Now
D2Sunday Stripper
D3England Belongs To Me
D4We're Coming Back